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Marni Hockenberg
Hockenberg Search

“Whatever you call them – and no matter how necessary they are – layoffs are painful.”
– Marni Hockenberg

The Hidden Opportunities Inside Every Executive Layoff And How You Can Turn a Tough Decision into a Win-Win-Win

Job Eliminations… Rightsizing… RIF’s…
Whatever you call them – and no matter how necessary they are – layoffs are painful. They’re also costly, in more ways than initially meet the eye. The minute you decide to terminate an Executive, you’re faced with a series of other critical decisions. Should you hire an Outplacement firm? If so, which firm is the best choice? And for many manufacturing companies, that question is answered by crunching the numbers. Unemployment costs and litigation risks are weighed against the “expenses” of Outplacement support. Not surprisingly, firms who promise a faster process and lower fees start to look like the smartest choice.

And that’s the problem.
Speed is critical. But it’s simply not enough. And the costs? Far too often, small to midsized manufacturing companies look only at the fee side of the
equation. But times have changed – and so has the equation. Today, factors that may once have seemed purely “emotional” can have enormous long-term financial impacts on your company. Why? Because we’re living in a social media-driven world. And here, every choice you make about
how you’ll treat your departing Executive isn’t just a message “to them, about them.” It’s a message about you, your company and your brand. And it’s a message that can go viral in an instant, leaving you with no way to get ahead of it. Think about it. Your displaced Executive is only human. And their experiences, opinions and feelings (whether rational or irrational) about their termination will likely be shared with multiple levels of your remaining employee base… not to mention family members… and friends… and everyone else in their social and professional networks. Like the game of telephone, those messages will get repeated (and repeatedly magnified) – in highly emotional detail – all over social media and across professional networking sites. One bad experience, loudly communicated, can shape the way your current team – and future talent pools – perceive you as an employer and as a member  of your community.

You’ve invested far too much in your brand to undermine it now. No matter how big or small your company is, you can’t afford to ignore the Outplacement needs of your departing Executives. The faster you can get them headed in the right direction, the better for your brand.

The Right Outplacement Partner Delivers Maximum ROI.

In other words, outplacement is no longer just an expense. It’s an investment. And you should expect it to deliver real value in terms of employee retention, new talent acquisition, even customer loyalty, sales revenues and profits.

Great Outplacement Firms Know That.

They know that layoffs are one of the most emotionally explosive events your organization will ever endure, sending shockwaves of worry and chatter throughout your organization, your community, even your industry. And they know that, because of that, the communications channel you need to manage – like a marketing professional – is your own Executive team, both departing and remaining.

But You Can’t Manage the Message if You Treat the Messenger Poorly.

How will the departing Executive experience the process? Will they feel empowered to pursue a better career or betrayed, discarded and hustled to leap at any job available? Will they be personally counseled, supported and coached to actually develop job hunting, networking, interviewing, and negotiating skills? Or will they be directed to “a robust set of online tools” and left to their own devices – to flounder and stew in their new state of unemployment? More importantly, will they be given personal introductions to decision makers, influencers and other hiring managers? How fast will they land the right job? These experiences determine how this person will forever characterize your company to everyone else.

What Makes a Great Outplacement Partner?

When evaluating firms, make sure that, first and foremost, they’re capable of delivering highly personalized service that is customized to the role of each client. Finding the right next job is a high stakes, full-time project for Executives. One misstep can mean epic fail. But also be very particular about who will be interacting with your Executives, how they will interact and how often. Why? Because you need someone who can do a whole lot more than “know how to write a resume or craft a LinkedIn  profile.” You need someone who can consistently project the warmth, encouragement and coaching competence that your departing Executives will need. To be sure you’ve really found the right firm, never limit yourself to organizational references. Go directly to the displaced Executives they’ve served within the past year and ask them to describe their experience. Layoffs trigger intense responses. And displaced Executives have access to multiple, powerful “advertising” media. They’ve got the megaphone. Make sure they have the right message. The right outplacement firm is your partner in protecting and promoting your employment brand. The sooner you bring them on board, the better for your departing executive, the rest of your employees, and you.

Marni Hockenberg is Principal and Founding Partner at Hockenberg Search, an Executive Outplacement, Job Search and Career Transition Coaching firm. She has been helping senior executives find fulfilling leadership roles for more than three decades. Find out how Hockenberg Search can boost your brand and help your former Executives land the  right jobs, faster!