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“Whatever you call them – and no matter how necessary they are – layoffs are painful.”
– Marni Hockenberg


I am often asked the question "What is the one piece of advice that you would give to a manufacturing professional who is in a job search"? My answer has changed through the years. It went from 'get out and network' to 'learn how to sell yourself'.

Why the change?

Everyone knows that networking is the best way to find the hidden job market. It is a critical component of a successful search. Executives in job search can and do get this advice from many people. Networking is the backstage pass to obtain interviews for positions that may not be listed yet. But once a manufacturing professional is successful in securing an interview it doesn't mean that they will be successful IN the interview.

I am a former (recovering) recruiter who now coaches manufacturing professionals on how to conduct a strategic job search. A problem that many candidates face is the inability to sell themselves during the interview. Why? Because they have been taught at an early age that it is impolite to 'brag about or promote' themselves! Maybe this is a Midwestern thing, I am not sure. But what I am sure of is with a little bit of coaching and the right strategy, this is a self propelled stumbling block that can be removed and replaced with a comfortable way for manufacturing candidates to 'sell yourself'.

One technique that I am fond of is the 'third party testimonial backed up by an example'.

It goes like this:

Q: What is your greatest strength?

A: Throughout my career a common theme in my performance reviews is my ability to (insert a strength). For example, recently we had a situation where (insert the challenge). The three steps I took to solve it were (insert how you solved it). The results back to my company were (insert what was achieved).

By merely stating this strength using a third party verification or testimonial, a job seeker may feel comfortable in selling themselves and it doesn't feel like bragging. The interviewer hears that this strength is verified by other parties and understands how this candidate will leverage this strength if hired. When I coach my clients on this and other techniques, they are visibly relieved and comfortable in promoting themselves in an interview.

Remember, job search is a sales and marketing function. YOU are the product and the salesperson. Let's work together to develop and execute YOUR strategic search to land your right job, faster!

Contact Marni Hockenberg at 612-720-7448 or [email protected] to learn how her FAST TRACK TO JOB SEARCH SUCCESS can make a huge difference in the success of your job search!



If you are considering working with an expert in job search, consider this testimonial from Mike Sherman, a client of Marni Hockenberg.

Upon his departure after 12 years at a local manufacturing company, Mike’s employer made the right decision to provide him with Outplacement services. After doing his research on local Outplacement firms, Mike selected to work with Hockenberg Search. Marni and Mike worked together in areas of Personal Branding, Networking, Interviewing and Offer Negotiation. Mike leaned the value of launching a strategic job search campaign by following Marni’s tried and true process. It worked and Mike landed a great role as Global Application Engineering Manager at 3M.

Mike Sherman’s testimonial on the value of Hockenberg Search:

“Having recently celebrated my 1 year anniversary in my new role at 3M Company, I took some time to reflect on the path and the people who helped me get here. Marni Hockenberg is one who has definitely paved the way to my success. I hired Marni due to referrals (hers was the first name mentioned several times) and her notion of "the Process". The Process referred to the prep, planning, self understanding, interview skill development, books/required readings, connections and 60 second commercial. I embraced the discipline built into the Process and trusted Marni and her team to help me help myself. It took patience, but I eventually "launched" into the market, armed and ready with a loaded toolbelt . Marni doesn't just let you fall off either. She requested regular follow up, and always had her hands on the pulse of my search activity. It was a great check and balance. The Process kept me honest, while I honed my skills and focused on my dream job. Did I mention I found it? I recommend any executive in career transition or anyone tactically seeking their next big thing to first meet with Marni. Consider letting the Process work for you. It will drive a much higher likelihood of success.”


This is more than a job transition.
This is a career transformation.
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