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Marni Hockenberg
Hockenberg Search

“Whatever you call them – and no matter how necessary they are – layoffs are painful.”
– Marni Hockenberg

Executive Job Search can be a lonely, daunting, uphill climb

It’s also a full time Sales and Marketing job – and the product you’re selling is you.  Winging it now, on your own, within a limited network and without a clearly defined, aggressive marketing strategy can add months to a search campaign. That’s more than financially costly. It drains you of the mental and emotional energy you need most right now and takes a significant toll on your family and personal support system.

You don’t need to go it alone.   

At Hockenberg Search, we provide individualized, confidential career coaching and job search services to Executives in career transition. And we would love to talk with you about the next chapter in your career.

We know the market. 

Unlike other Career Coaches, Marni Hockenberg is a former Retained Executive Recruiter. She knows what hiring decision makers want, what winning candidates consistently do, and which companies are truly great employers. This inside knowledge and our relentless focus on excellence has led to more than thirty years of industry success, despite three recessions and other periods of industry uncertainty.

We know what works

We know why one candidate is hired and why the others get turned down.  We have coached and placed hundreds of job seekers in high level, high impact roles with highly respected organizations. And we can teach you how to outmaneuver your competition and secure the best offer.

If you are considering working with an expert in job search, consider this testimonial from Mike Sherman, a client of Marni Hockenberg. Upon his departure after 12 years at a local manufacturing company, Mike’s employer made the right decision to provide him with Outplacement services. After doing his research on local Outplacement firms, Mike selected to work with Hockenberg Search. Marni and Mike worked together in areas of Personal Branding, Networking, Interviewing and Offer Negotiation. Mike leaned the value of launching a strategic job search campaign by following Marni’s tried and true process. It worked and Mike landed a great role as Global Application Engineering Manager at 3M.

Mike Sherman’s testimonial on the value of Hockenberg Search:

“Having recently celebrated my 1 year anniversary in my new role at 3M Company, I took some time to reflect on the path and the people who helped me get here. Marni Hockenberg is one who has definitely paved the way to my success. I hired Marni due to referrals (hers was the first name mentioned several times) and her notion of "the Process". The Process referred to the prep, planning, self understanding, interview skill development, books/required readings, connections and 60 second commercial. I embraced the discipline built into the Process and trusted Marni and her team to help me help myself. It took patience, but I eventually "launched" into the market, armed and ready with a loaded toolbelt . Marni doesn't just let you fall off either. She requested regular follow up, and always had her hands on the pulse of my search activity. It was a great check and balance. The Process kept me honest, while I honed my skills and focused on my dream job. Did I mention I found it? I recommend any executive in career transition or anyone tactically seeking their next big thing to first meet with Marni. Consider letting the Process work for you. It will drive a much higher likelihood of success.”


This is more than a job transition.
This is a career transformation.; 952-500-9542