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• We Get the People Part Right
• Accelerating business growth through great
people by finding, selecting, and retaining
top talent

Mary Nutting, Owner
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“Everyone talks about making People their biggest asset. CorTalent showed us how to walk that talk. We did a good job of executing Human Resource tactics. CorTalent showed us how to implement Human Resources as a strategy that helped our company have its best year ever. From Talent Audit to Trusted Advisor. CorTalent showed us how to get the people part right..”
– Jim Smiley,
Chairman of the Board, HM Cragg

Andrew Kuderer, Prevue Product Manager
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Bloomington, MN 55439

Assessments for Hiring & Development- A full psychometric, valid and reliable assessment which measures cognitive ability, motivation/interests, and personality traits. Meets all EEOC regulations and customized benchmarks for each unique position.
Talent Retention Programs- Now you have the right people in the right seats, but will they stay? From talent assessments and succession planning, to performance management and compensation/rewards, we help you identify a retention program to retain your employees. When you partner with CorTalent, no matter what services you need, our first step is always to understand your business strategy, identify your organization’s talent requirements that align with that strategy, and define your unique culture in terms of the attributes and traits you want to see in your people. As your company matures and grows, repositions within your industry, or changes to adapt to an evolving market, our team of experts will help you develop a ‘’People Plan” to help you achieve your desired results.

The People Plan is specific to your company and gives you a detailed roadmap that addresses
Three Key Ingredients:
• Strategy: How do you envision growth within your company?
- Acquisition, organic growth, or both?
• Structure: How do you achieve your desired growth?
- What functional leadership gaps do you have and what is your budget?
• Process: What plan is in place to grow effectively and successfully?
- Talent assessments, succession planning, performance management, and compensation/rewards
Our model is a partnership with our clients. You will receive unrivaled personal attention and a team of professionals that will be dedicated to aligning your employees with your “Cor” business strategies.

Manufacturing is an industry that is constantly changing, evolving, and growing due to new technology and workforce advancements. Today, the  market stands very competitive for top talent within the manufacturing industry. No matter how excellent your products and/or services, how streamlined or efficient your operations, or how catchy your marketing campaigns, your business will never reach its full potential without the
right team. By building, assessing, and developing your people, you have the best chance to make your company thrive. At CorTalent, our purpose is to accelerate business growth through great people. We do this by helping our client organizations find, select and retain top talent. Beyond that, we strive to partner with organizations that are entrepreneurial in spirit and committed to putting their people first.


At CorTalent, we get the people part right. Our mission is to help changing, evolving, and growing companies rise to the top through optimization of
their most valuable asset- their people. We serve clients across a broad range of industries with talent management and project staffing services. Areas in which we offer particular expertise include:
• Manufacturing & Engineering, Distribution, Technology, Service-based
• Sales as discipline across multiple industries
• Traction/EOS clients
• Small-mid size companies that are growing, evolving, or changing

Retained Search- CorTalent’s flagship service. We take pride in finding the best talent for our clients via our refined method of sourcing, interviewing, and assessing candidates using the most effective recruiting technology and resources.
Recruitment Consulting & Support- We understand it can be costly to pay fees for hiring Talent, and sometimes you just need additional support. We offer hourly recruitment support, along with project-based support, so you can focus on the things that are most important for your role.
Automated Recruitment Platform- CorTalent is a master distributor of a  highly effective Applicant Tracking System tool, which automates your full recruitment process. From job templates to advertising on hundreds of job boards (including Indeed), your applicant flow increases with ease of
tracking and candidate follow up.